Evelyn Willebrands

Hi! I'm Evelyn Willebrands, the artist behind the name of Antonella Designs. Living on the beautiful, tropical Fraser Coast of Queensland Australia is such a dream come true, allowing me to create from the heart.

I love to create using paint and other media and I am even happier if my creations can bring you joy.

I have always loved to be surrounded by beautiful things and so I began to paint, to draw, to express myself through my art.
My art is colourful and lively. I love to use bright colours, sometimes contrasted with pretty pastels or bold strokes to show movement, texture and passion. 

I began painting in oils and painted mainly landscapes, often in the great outdoors. During that period I was studying with Dirk Van Der Lindt, a very talented Dutch master artist.

Today, I love to paint modern abstract works, mainly in acrylics. Today's homes are built with a neutral palette for versatility and so it seems like a great idea to liven up that space with bold colour, texture and movement.
With abstract art, there is always something to look at - your eye is constantly exploring, seeing new things.
When you are drawn to an artwork and connect with it, it is an opportunity for you to bring your own unique experiences and personality to your interpretation of the painting. It is my desire that you express yourself in your home through the beauty of these artworks.

Please browse through my collection of original abstract art. Perhaps you might like to make a purchase. All paintings are originals. There will never be another one exactly like it - ever!

Thank you for your visit. 


Phone: 0422 919 811


Email: eviwillebrands@live.com.au

Website: https://antonelladesigns.weebly.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AntonellaDesigns/

Evelyn Willebrands Original Painting

Mixed Media

60 x 60cm


Evelyn Willebrands Original Painting


50cm x 60cm


"Crimson Fantasy"

Acrylic on Canvas

50.9cm x76.3cm





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